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Gareth John Consulting LLP offers strategic advice, planning and implementation expertise to Organisations, within the UK and Internationally, who are responsible for delivering Economic Development, Investment Promotion and International Development activities.

Working across all sectors, both in the UK and Internationally, we have delivered high profile and sustainable projects for a range of clients who are looking for practical and cost effective support for their business objectives.

The team at Gareth John Consulting offers flexible resourcing across all our projects, and will tailor our work programmes to suit the exact client requirement, be it project based, interim arrangements, longer term contracts or technical assistance, and we can demonstrate successful working across all these resourcing models.

What We Do

Economic Development activities increasingly cover a broader range of disciplines and delivery partners within a robust local context.

The team at Gareth John Consulting have extensive experience of planning and delivering a wide range of projects within complex multi-stakeholder environments at both local, sub-national and national level.

In an increasingly globalised world economy, countries, regions and economic zones have to work harder to attract high quality investment, and developing the right marketing toolkit is a core part of this.

Gareth John Consulting has wide experience of developing marketing strategies and brand positioning for IPA’s looking to achieve real differentiation in their offerings.

The customer value proposition is the core of the offering to customers looking for location solutions, and provides the basis for true differentiation.

Gareth John Consulting works closely with our clients to really understand the key drivers of the locations market opportunity and how this can be translated into compelling and actionable sales -led marketing propositions.

Ensuring that the customer is front and centre of the organisation can be difficult to achieve in multi-stakeholder environments.

The team at Gareth John Consulting have made the achievement of  customer-centricity a core part of their service to IPA clients. This includes developing lead generation strategies, account management and aligning marketing operations that place the customer opportunity first in the planning of investment promotion strategies.

Many IPA’s spend much time and effort developing the Investment promotion tools to promote their areas, but overlook the importance of the effective communication and marketing of their offerings.

Gareth John Consulting offers a full  review of IPA’s marketing communications practice, both internal and external, before making recommendations on the communications strategies required to achieve investment success.

Investment Promotion in today’s world economy requires a range of differing skill sets, through sales, marketing, project delivery investor care, and proposition development as minimum requirements for effective IPA operations.

Working with teams or individuals, Gareth John Consulting has developed a wide range of training delivery packages from workshops through to mentoring and facilitation, all designed to implement practical process improvement in investment promotion operations.

Who We Do It For


When we needed a bespoke, tailor-made account management training, Gareth was able to grasp the challenges and issues that we were facing and devise and deliver a top class programme for our whole team

Craig Harrison, Head of FDI, London & Partners

Through a carefully selected process Gareth was chosen to run some training sessions on Inward Investment/Lead Generation. The training sessions were excellent, enjoyable and most importantly informative, which will prove invaluable both practically and strategically for us going forward.  It was a pleasure to work with someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about growing and developing individuals and businesses.

John Norton, Investment and International Team, Coventry City Council
When PA Consulting won the UK FDI delivery contract in 2011, we only wanted to partner with the most experienced professionals in Inward Investment.

Gareth John came to us highly recommended, and we have now worked together for over 3 years, during which he has worked on a number of projects for us and has always provided an excellent service across a wide range of investment promotion skills.

Shaun Delaney, Chief Operating Officer , UKTI Investment Services Team, PA Consulting
Thank you for nurturing this project with us over the past 10 months and taking us to the next stage.

I am aware that it has been a difficult task and hard work-but we got there in the end.

Byron Davies, Chief Executive, Cardiff Council
Gareth has been working with us over the past three years to shape and develop our marketing modules at Masters and Diploma level.

During this time, his modules and teaching style have proved immensely popular with the students, evidenced by the positive student feedback, and he has added a new dimension to the development of the teaching of Marketing at the School.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gareth John who has done a superb job as Interim Communications Director in leading the handling of major regional issues, including flooding and foot and mouth through the summer, and playing a major role in accelerating the rate of change in the Communications function.
Pam Alexander, Chief Executive, SEEDA

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